MODCO Inspiration EP.02 Studio byYSR

Studio byYSR
We ask Yaow.YSR to tell her most memorable stories as designer and share with us some of her work ethics and belief, swipe to see what she has to say 😊👇
“My time in SF and NYC has left an indelible mark on my design journey, shaping how I see and bringing it to Bangkok and our work in the studio now. It has influenced my approach and inspired me to bring a unique blend of creativity and adaptability to every project we undertake.”—- Yaow.YSR

What channels do you get inspiration for your work ideas?
both online and offline

Offline = When I go to the Malls.
Online = When doing research.

What are your techniques in flexibly conveying tasks to the team members?
Give them a clear direction.
Give them clues.
Suggest different ideas that they haven’t thought of yet.
Let them explore.

What should a designer look out for when designing?
1. Take the time to carefully read and understand comments from clients and colleagues.
Use constructive feedback to improve your designs and deliver better results.
2. Always stay inspired: Design is a constantly evolving field, so it’s important to stay inspired.
3. Spell check all your work!

Apart from design skills, what are some additional qualities
or attributes that designers should have?
Stay organized:
Establish a systematic
approach to your work.

If you were to compare yourself to a food or drink, what would that be?
I would be “Coffee”: Energetic, Versatility, Comfort, Complexity and Depth, Social Connection and… Not for everyone.

If tomorrow the world ends What is the last project you want to do?
Poster ‘ANNOUNCES that the world is about to end.’


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