Ingu Skin

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About Company

“Build science-backed products that focus on the basic essentials that the skin actually needs; all while being transparent in every way.”

Our Story
When I turned 16 and started to suffer from acne breakouts, I was introduced to the world of skincare. Immediately, I felt overwhelmed with all the products, trends, and advice out there. Over the top promises, fear-tactics tied to purchasing, unnecessary multi-step routines, and harsh ingredients–I fell for them all. As a teenager who sought out to find a better routine for myself, I ended up more confused than when I started, a couple thousand baht out of pocket, and with a severe case of contact dermatitis. 

Our Core Values
In an industry that spends more time marketing a product than actually making it, consumers are more overwhelmed and confused than ever. Let’s fix that. 

Our Core Values: 

  1. Transparent Science
  2. Simplicity
  3. Empower Local Producers
  4. Realistically Sustainable
  5. Facts Without Fear

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