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About Company

In 1980, Greyhound was founded in Bangkok by four friends with no formal training in fashion or food, and no grand ambition. Informed by a wide range of interests from arts, music to architecture.
Greyhound is nevertheless bound by shared aesthetics. There is no scientific procedure for discovering the Greyhound DNA, but after three decades of organic growth through trial and error,
Greyhound is known for its unique creativity. The friends did not set out to create a brand but they grew into one.

Why “Greyhound” ? Because it invokes the image of a sleek, elegant and noble creature, full of spirit and, most of all, a man’s best friend. Today Greyhound is more than just a brand of clothes. It is a way of life.

Born out of love

We love fashion, we love watching people,
We love sitting at cafe’s to watch the world go by.
We love good food, we love art, we love good living,
We love to travel and to try new thing in life.


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