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‘neera retreat’ was carefully designed to perfectly balance contemporary aesthetics and environmental friendliness. its architecture is in harmony with the local climate and the surrounding geography so that less energy is consumed. windows in all guestrooms can be opened to let in the fresh air. all electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, and air conditioners are certified with the high energy-saving capability.

the hotel is also fitted with water-saving sanitary ware and furniture are considered to maximize lifespan. trees are planted all around to reduce heat, create shade and generate oxygen. the paint used both internally and externally is a low level of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and thus largely free of gaseous chemicals that might cause harm. some leftover materials from the facilities’ construction were creatively upcycled, and discarded detritus is turned into interesting three-dimensional art pieces that inspire even as they optimize material efficiency.

we welcome all well-mannered (non-poisonous) pets and do not limit pet size that are on leash/in carrier/bag/trolley with the owner(s) at all times in our designated common areas and will be extending pet-friendly accommodations in 2023.


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