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About Company

Stay Studio is the first Korean studio that opened in October 2020. It is located in the center of Bangkok City. We offer photography services and Selfie shooting services.

We’re looking for an experienced and dedicated assistant photographer to work with.

Our Before the studio opened, founder Hee-Eun Lee had a background in styling and photography. In 2015, she left her career in E-commerce in Korea and founded Stay Studio after a month-long holiday in Shanghai. During her travels, she found it hard to find gifts that perfectly expressed the magic of travel. She wanted a more meaningful souvenir, not only for herself; but for her loved ones to cherish. And that was when the first Stay City Souvenir was born.

Hee-Eun always loved the hustle and bustle of the city. They always inspired her to work hard, because the city never sleeps. When she traveled, she loved capital cities the most, because it reminded her of her hometown in Seoul, Korea.

Her husband Patrick Kun is the co-founder of Stay and he works with Hee Eun at Stay. Patrick also works as a magician in Las Vegas. His career meant that he was always traveling around the world, too. Coming from a long-distance relationship, travel was always important to them. When they started living in the same city, it led to them opening the studio.

Now, they both work and live together in Bangkok. Being creative individuals, they love to work collaboratively and use their skills to make the best experience for anyone who comes across STAY.


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