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Worldpanel by Kantar

Our Worldpanel colleagues are the global specialists in shopper behaviour, helping brands, retailers, and government organisations to make the right decisions. At Kantar Worldpanel, we turn purchase behaviour into competitive advantages through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics and delivering tailored solutions to inspire successful decisions by leading organisations worldwide across a diverse range of markets. 

Job summary: 
This role will suit those who are ambitious and independent-minded and who are keen to work and develop their careers within a multi-disciplined and multi-cultural team. 

Role Purpose: 
To continue to build the account for Kantar Worldpanel through delivering strong business insights with the consumer panel data. 


Overall responsibilities: 
1. Participating in the projects negotiation and understand client’s request 
• Collect and analyze client’s request information, organize relevant people in the company and the department to collectively analyze and discuss project needs and provide quotations. 
• Collect and prepare relevant data and materials for the project negotiation, organize the communication and negotiation and provide information support and professional advice during the negotiation process. 
2. Managing the operation and execution of the project 
• Keep contact with data production department, utilize relevant software and analytical skills to collect, classify and prepare key data group and ensure data accuracy and reliable. 
3. Maintain client relationship and provide customer service 
• Maintain daily contact with the clients, handle customer consultation and complaint, build and keep good relationship with the clients. 
4. Revenue forecast and client revenue management 
5. Understand business dynamic and solve technical problem 
6. Participate in process improvement and technique innovation 
7. Organize, build and maintain the team 

Professional Qualifications:

1. Education: University bachelor’s degree; majored in marketing, statistics, psychology, or other relevant subjects
2. Experience: 4 years or more experience in market research and minimum 2 years of management experience
3. Knowledge: Have a good knowledge of relevant expertise, as well as of customer fixed panel product and system knowledge; proficient in the use of MS Office and customer fixed panel analysis software
4. Capacities: Good oral and written English; having a strong sense of responsibility; good communication, organization and coordination abilities; team building and good at analyzing and solving problems; good learner and innovator; sensitive to market and capable of handling pressure.

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