Ariya Tastha

About Candidate

My name is Ariya Tastha. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design International program (Commde) from Chulalongkorn University with second class honors. I am writing in response to the job opportunity as the graphic designer at W hotel.This position is exactly what I am looking for and an ideal opportunity for me to use my knowledge, educational background, interest, and experiences as a communication designer which I have gained valuable knowledge in various fields relevant to media both digital and offline, including graphic design for social media, graphic design for marketing assets, illustration, publication, UX/UI design, content creation, and film making. The experiences and education at Chulalongkorn University have prepared me well for this opportunity both in digital and traditional media, however, I have always had a passion especially in digital media. For example, collage design, brand identity, publication, and application design.

As a Communication Design student at Chulalongkorn University, I was not only involved in multiple clubs and societies but I also have worked on a lot of projects. Moreover, I was also a part of the exhibition organizer as the graphic team, decoration team, and location team. These projects, both individual and team, have taught me how to lead a group of individuals and allowed me to develop exceptional teamwork, skills, and time management abilities.

Your company has inspired me and this opportunity has provided me the chance to
develop my skill set. To work in such a friendly environment is my ideal work environment since it allows me to work at my full potential, the opportunity to develop myself, and be surrounded by professionals. Your company is matching my interests. This position would help me grow my real-world experience in design and help me further develop and refine my skills, not just designing but necessary skills that are needed for real work experiences.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I attached my resume and Portfolio in this email.

Your sincerely,
Ariya Tastha


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