Senior Graphic and Motion Designer
April 20, 2000

About Candidate

Hi, my name is Arun

Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Creative Media Design at Stamford International University. (Sept 2021)

Born and raised in Phuket, Thailand, with a passion for 3D motion graphics and production.

I have had experience in creating various motion graphics and production work. During my time at the internship, I was responsible for shooting and editing the video. After my internship, I challenged myself to try something new and got the chance to work as a Barista/ Creative Art Director for Cherrydog coffee roaster. I handled all the creative sides of the coffee shop.

As for my future, I would like to pursue my own creative agency to help companies bring their vision to life with visual communication and emotions.

In my free time, I love to go out to cafes and try out new and exciting specialty coffees.

Motion Graphic Designer, Problem Solver, Fast Learner, Photographer/ Videographer



Creative Media Design 2016-2021
Stamford Internaltional University

Work & Experience

Senior Graphic and Motion Designer 2021-09-01
Supara Group

GQ is an innovative menswear brand solving problems through functional design for the modern man. - Provided content for various companies such as GQ, Good Day Lab, School Mask Pack, SUPA3, Picknature. - Lead the Motion design section of marketing and communications department. - Actively contributing making suggestions and sharing ideas to the team. - Assist other designers and the marketing team with strategic design choices. - Responsible for creating 2D and 3D Motion graphics ads for various social media campaigns. - Managed email contents for School Mask Pack and Good Day Lab. - Provide 3D assets and social to GQ websites and other channels for their various product lineup ( Texturing, Modelling, Simulation, Animating, Rendering, Compositing etc). - Established website designs and social media post for SUPA3


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