Senior graphic designer
August 2, 1992

About Candidate

Senior graphic designer responsible for daily graphic design content for a medium-sized firm. Worked regularly on graphics, layout, and production materials. Recipient of the 2019 SIF Design Award. Developed 8,000+ graphic design projects (logos, brochures, advertisements, infographics, etc.) that increased client transactions by more than 70%.



Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University 2014
Printing Technology

Work & Experience

Senior Graphics Design 2020-08-03 - 2023-07-07
EDTECH CORP CO., LTD (Online Educational platform)

- Promoted to be Head of Graphic team in the 2nd year of work. - Conceptualize logo design to all projects such as tutor, promotion, new online program - Design 176 covers books for the tutors, who is the essential partner of our platform, so the company receives more market share from the income from each tutor. - Develop the presentation company to the Ministry of education or partner and get around 20 success dealing per year. - Set up the visual identity of both owned media of At Home platform and tutor and proof all before publishing them on online or offline channels by managing the quantity and quality and being suitable with the target audience, students, and parents as always. - Build the mood board and visualize the prototype working with UX and UI team then forward it to the developer, which resulted in 20% more sales by volume. - Work collaboratively with production and marketing team to arrange the concept, mood & tone, and storyboard. - Making necessary changes with the most beneficial to organization and partner. The example is to manage the individual roles, always fit in the team or scope the budget of production planning. - Hired a junior graphic designer and videographer and oversaw the onboarding for the team of 2. - Evaluate the performance of subordinates in the team yearly to improve the quality of work and team potential.

Graphic Design 2019-06-05 - 2020-04-27
APlus Agency

- Produce both e-commerce and non-commerce of creative ads for F&N brand including Carnation, Magnolia, Magnolia plus, Magnolia milky, Teapot, and นมตราหมี - Involve the brand meeting to show the design strategy and ideation for the new Carnation campaign, generated over 200K in revenue. - Be responsible the big campaign of Magnolia MilkieXBass and create the Premiam Gifset, which is 15 designs for the bag, mask, pillow, and blanket and 16 characters of Bass to drive the sale target. - Share the ideas of TMRW x The 1 Card for brainstorming with our team. After the key visual is sent to the brand, they continue to send us more projects. - Do the attention to detail and understand the point of communication of finance contents, so deliver the satisfy ads to brands, UOB, TMRW, Krungthai, and Krungsri. - Learning the Video Editing skill more to help the organization reduce costs.

Graphic design 2017-02-01 - 2019-03-31

- Spearheaded daily design for advertisement from start to finish in a small but prolific firm. - Create a CI and key visual for the online pages and seminars, including online and offline ads, posters, and backdrop. - Stand by to edit or add the information to the presentation before the actual show day to make sure it would be smooth. - Fix the problem onsite such as editing the layout of LED screen which the layout isn’t fit and confirming the final draft in rush hour. - Collaborated on a project to create layouts and images for written online content. (FB page: มนุษย์กลยุทธ์, The Thinker, Appman, Damrong Pinkoon) - Design presentation for each seminar such as Passion planner, The Success, Business Strategy in digital age, GOD Digital brand, GeniusX, The idea, or Rich brain etc. - Build the 60 characters for the card game to analyze and represent the individual personalities of testing, and it helps to promote the course and increase revenue by ~ 40%.

Designer 2016-09-01 - 2017-01-20

- Led design and development of around 10 designs per day for producing shirts for a Sri Lanka factory. - Get any briefs, which are concept and copyright from Japanese customers. - Fill in the needed information for the factory such as size, color, number, and texture. - Resolve the urgent requirement because the customers change color (Wagara) from 3 to 1, and I stand by to do it until the final approval is done before the factory started to screen 500 pieces in a few minutes.

Graphic design

Do product photography, which is instructional media, and create 200 pages design per catalog online and offline, finishing it within 2 weeks.

OWLCHA, MAE LUK CHUN Cafe& Restaurant, SEAGA2023, DBTM, PEA, SMC, OMINS, Smart world Application

(Owl Cha) - Create Ads on owned media and control the concept of brand, lively & approachable (15 AW/months). - Conceive the communication strategy of the brand to design any Ads reaching the target group as possible. - Update and redesign the creative ads and menus to be interesting for new and existing franchises and online platforms. (Mae Luk Chun Cafe & Restaurant) - Serve the new ideas and concept to do rebrand the restaurant. - Design the menus and online ads (3-4 AW/months), and the most concept relies on the seasonal or promotion. (SEAGA 2023) (Southeast Asian Geography Association) Create the key visual (CI, logo) based on knowledge of purpose event, and design the souvenirs including vacuum bottle, tote bag and notebook. (PEA Project) - Received SIF Award 2019 by conceptualizing the design of the SIF project about the application innovated by PEA and it was praised by the committee also. (SMC) - Do the website design and develop the customer journey to expand the new customers - Design Ads related to CSR and tropical content (4 contents/week), both receive the brief from the marketing team and create the creative content by myself. - Create the promotion brochure with 2 AW/month and a business card for the sale team, being a Fortune concept. (Smart world Application) - Create the pre-production of the new launch application including concept, idea, storyline, storyboard, and animatic. - Create the pre-production application, educating the residents about breathing in the Smart World App including concept, idea, storyline, character design storyboard, and animatic. (OMINS) - Handle the production of the dietary supplement products brand, creating ~ 10 online ads, 5 offline printing (business card, promotion brochure, poster, exposition backdrop), and website. - Accomplish the character that’s unique and use for promoting brand.


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